News from Poland


Registered address for a Polish company.

After introducing the lowest corporate income tax rate in Europe – 9% Poland became even more attractive country for doing business by foreigners. Some of them are interested in living in Poland and conducting their stationary business but the other group would like to go back to their countries and control the company at a distance.Continue Reading..


The latest results of the euro area’s foreign trade.

The Eurostat statistical office has reported the outcome of the euro area’s foreign trade. In January 2019, it amounted to EUR 1.5 billion. One month earlier, the level of EUR 17 billion has been reached.Continue Reading..


Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank joined the merger talks.

Both banks have officially confirmed the start of talks on mergers, although they stipulate that they are only at the initial stage of talks. Nevertheless, the prices of shares of Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank to the south on Monday increased on the stock market by 4.07 per cent, respectively. and 6.87 percent.Continue Reading..


Gross vs. net salary. Real Polish employee remuneration.

Gross earnings are otherwise the total remuneration, even before we deduct tax and social security contributions from it. In other words, it is the whole salary, which is included in the contract.Continue Reading..


Will The Central Communication Port change the face of Poland ?

The government is planning a project that will have an impact not only on Poland. This undertaking will make Poland one of the major communication hubs in Europe “- said Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin.Continue Reading..


The Polish government wants to tax Netflix, Spotify and other streaming services…

If the new PiS project comes into force, the state budget can affect up to one billion zlotys a year. By applying taxes to digital service providers, including Netflix, HBO and even Facebook the government wants to gain funds in this way to implement the recently announced election promises.Continue Reading..


Contactless payments without a PIN CODE will increase up to PLN 100.

Banks are ready to raise the limit from PLN 50 to PLN 100, but want to increase the security of such payments. Therefore, this will not happen this autumn, but before the end of 2019.

Continue Reading..


Creditworthiness – how to increase it?

Poles are now buying a record number of flats – still, many people are overwhelmed by their low creditworthiness. How can we increase it to finally buy a dream apartment?Continue Reading..


Foreign investors are still interested in locating large investments in Poland

Foreign companies bet on Poland. Subsequent investors are announcing that this year new projects will start with us. Motor vehicle investments and the new services sector dominate.Continue Reading..