Immigration to Poland

Dear Clients, due to covid-19 pandemic restrictions in Poland, this business immigration program has been temporarily paused.

If you are interested in running a business in Poland and come from outside the European Union, you would need to legalize your stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

LexPoland Business Consulting offers you a professional and complex support during the entire process of obtaining a residence permit in Poland.

Residence in Poland by LexPoland

Settlement in Polandย has never been so easy and full of benefits as it is nowadays!

We are more than glad to present you our very unique

Business Immigration to Poland 2020 Programme.

Thanks to this our satisfied Clients from outside the European Union from the very beginning to the end of the process may be under a unique legal care of our lawyerย specifically dedicated for each case individually.ย 

With our support there are just a few simple steps to reach that goal:

1. Remote formation and registrationย of a Polish company (LLC) with the power of attorney for our lawyer,

2. Schengen Visa issued based on appropriate documents confirming having a company in Poland,

3. Residence permit application in Immigration Office in Poland.

Our lawyers approach each case individually and thoroughly analyze each situation just toย successfully carry out any business case.

We provide continuous monitoring of the matter and keep the Client informed about all the actions and steps.

Residence permit in Poland for foreignย entrepreneurย means not only the possibility of living in Poland legally, but alsoย brings many additional benefits, such as, for example:

1. The right to travel to 27 countries within Schengen Zone in Visa-free traffic,

2. The possibility of running a real business in the fast developing country in the heart of Europe,

3. The possibilityย of using European funds in the form of loans for individuals and companies,

4. The possibility of building life story in Europe and applying in the future for permanent residence permit in Poland as well as for polish citizenship.


polish residence card, residence permit in Poland


Basic requirements for project participants:

1. Having necessary fundsย and willingness to invest in business in Europe,

2.ย Being open-minded and focused on doing business,

3.ย At least communicative knowledge of English,

4. No criminal past,

5. No previous Schengen Visa refusal or timeouts.


Business Immigration to Poland 2020 by LexPoland Capital Group

Special Programmeย perfectly tailored to your needs.


Dear Clients, due to covid-19 pandemic restrictions in Poland, this business immigration program has been temporarily paused.

Residence in Poland