Another ideas for starting new life in Poland.

The family and labor department is at the stage of preliminary talks with the Ministry of the Philippines regarding the signing of a bilateral agreement on the employment of employees – said StanisΕ‚aw Szwed, deputy minister of the family, labor and social policy.

We are at the stage of preliminary talks with the Ministry of the Philippines on the signing of a bilateral agreement on the employment of employees, but there is not enough agreement so far that we can present them. (…) The Philippines government is open in terms of cooperation – the deputy minister said during a press conference.

He stressed that the Filipino website wants people who would come to Poland to have guaranteed work and a flat. He pointed out that employees from this country could take care of the elderly in Poland. The Swede said that the employer’s government encouraged them to talk to the Filipino and Vietnamese parties.

The deputy head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy emphasized that there is no “proposal” to expand the catalog of countries that could benefit from the simplified procedure of access to the labor market in Poland. It is about a statement about the intention to entrust work. Currently, citizens of Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine can benefit from this procedure.

Poland,Β as a country of the european union with an established position, located in the center of europe is still interesting for the group of foreign employees and bussinesmen who would like to invest and muliply their funds.

The lack of manpower on the Polish labor marketΒ makes Polish employers more and more open to foreign employees and try to adapt to the prevailing rules of their employment. That is why people from different countries who want to come to the European Union should contact Polish business consulting companies or work agencies and try to do the first step.

The second group of foreigners who want to stay in Poland for longer are entrepreneurs with some ideas and capital for investing. For this group, the best way to start the bussines in Poland is to buy a ready made – shelf Polish company ( LLC ). It is not only so easy to say but also not so complicatedΒ  to achieve. To save time, money and problems it is worth to contact one of the Polish business consulting companies for example – LexPoland Business Consulting or PolishShelfCompanyMarket. These companies offer comprehensive support in the whole process of starting and conducting business in Poland. They would be able not only to prepare and sell the company to the new owner but also accompany when opening a bank account in a Polish bank for the company (what nowadays is not so simple for a foreigner). Opening a Polish bank account is still a very attractive and important matter for foreign investors.

Businessmen appreciate the possibility of using bank account in a Polish bank with PLN (Polish zloty) and with attached auxiliary accounts with different important currencies of the world like : USD (US Dollar), EURO, GBP (British Pound), CHF (Swiss Francs) ,etc. It is also worth attention that the owner of the Polish shelf company receives a full access to the account, the debit card (PLN/EURO) and the access to the internet banking even on one business day spent in Poland.

Starting a business in Poland may not be so easy to achieve when you are new and lonely in a foreign country. That is why it is recommended in your interest to ask for help and search for a proffesional partner.