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The pandemic will strengthen the Polish start-up market.

The startup market in Poland will be stronger after the end of the pandemic. Every crisis is a good ground for the development of innovation. You can also see that now these types of entities are doing well. In addition, the current situation creates a chance for development for Polish companies operating in the field of broadly defined preventive healthcare. It is also an ideal time for projects related to the online area, including remote work or e-education. But a pandemic also has risks. Some of these companies will collapse. It can already be seen that investors are more willing to limit the risk, preferring to subscribe for smaller shares. However, such moves do not discourage the industry. It is just the opposite.Continue Reading..


Increased hacker attacks during the coronavirus pandemic era.

Enterprises, companies and private internet users are the victims of hackers, all Internet users are highly exposed.Continue Reading..


How to deal with isolation during the pandemic?

About 88 percent of Polish citizens, feel the psychological consequences of a pandemic threat that has completely changed the professional and private lives of millions of people in Poland. For 33 percent of respondents, the main feeling accompanying them every day is anxiety about the future.Continue Reading..


Brexit and the Polish economy – consequences

Each scenario of Great Britain leaving the European Union has significant consequences for both the economy and ordinary citizens. For now, London needs to negotiate new terms of cooperation with the European Community. The problems will start on January 1, 2021.Continue Reading..


The tax office will expand control and will check the taxpayer even outside Poland.

The Ministry of Finance plans to give new powers to the tax authorities, will exchange information about taxpayers with other countries. Everything for a wider tax seal. The first exchange of information is expected later this year.Continue Reading..


Amazon will employ over a thousand people in Gliwice.

Over a thousand people are expected to find employment in the Logistics Center E-Commerce, which Amazon plans to open in Gliwice. It will be the eighth such Amazon center in Poland, the largest in terms of area. Recruitment of employees has already begun.Continue Reading..


Cryptocurrencies are sharply cheaper, bitcoin down 9 percent

Odds of most popular cryptocurrencies resemble stairs from August 28. In half an hour on Wednesday evening bitcoin became cheaper by $ 600. The next two smaller stairs appeared in the next 12 hours.

Over the past 24 hours, the most important cryptocurrencies have seen a major discount. The bitcoin exchange rate fell by 9% during this time, and for one BTC on August 29 at 10 it was necessary to pay around 36.4 thousand PLN.

Similar trends can be observed for the other most popular cryptoactivities. Everywhere on the charts is clearly visible the quick sell-off, which took place around 8pm on Wednesday, 28 August. Ethereum got cheaper by more than 12 percent during the day, bitcoin cash by 10 percent, and litecoin by 12 percent. Slightly less lost XRP token used in the Ripple system – 8%.


Banks in Poland.

Banks are institutions that officially mediate in financial transactions. The Bank’s main task is broadly understood money service. The Bank is a legal person established in accordance with the provisions of laws, acting on the basis of permits authorizing to perform banking activities that incur risky funds entrusted under any repayable title.