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Why is it worth starting your own business in Poland?

In a sense, having your own company in Poland is prestige. You do what you want, earn as much as you want, organize your business. There are really many advantages of having your own business. Why start your own business and why it is worth to work for your private success …Continue Reading..


Brexit and the Polish economy – consequences

Each scenario of Great Britain leaving the European Union has significant consequences for both the economy and ordinary citizens. For now, London needs to negotiate new terms of cooperation with the European Community. The problems will start on January 1, 2021.Continue Reading..


Every tenth Polish exporter invests abroad.

At the end of 2018, the value of Polish direct investments abroad amounted to PLN 92.5 billion. Poland ranks third among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The Czechs and Hungarians invest more.Continue Reading..


Migration crisis – EU problems have not been resolved.

Within almost five years of the migration crisis, the European Union has not resolved any of the long list of problems at its borders.Continue Reading..


Fuels can get cheaper, oil prices are already very low.

The sharp sell-off in the oil market will translate into the fuel market. In the perspective of several days, prices at stations can fall by 15-20 grosze. The question arises what to do next with oil. The price collapse may affect the decline in shale oil production in the US, where the average cost of production is $ 35-40. per barrel. But the crisis, and thus nervousness in the oil market, can still last.Continue Reading..


The tax office will expand control and will check the taxpayer even outside Poland.

The Ministry of Finance plans to give new powers to the tax authorities, will exchange information about taxpayers with other countries. Everything for a wider tax seal. The first exchange of information is expected later this year.Continue Reading..


Talks about the economy at the G20 summit in Osaka.

In the opinion of some leaders, including representatives of the European Union, trade wars are slowing down global economic growth. The most dangerous effects are seen in the customs war between the US and China, about which the leaders of these countries are to talk about in private on Saturday. On the occasion of the Osaka Summit, Donald Trump met with Vladimir Putin. The presidents agreed to continue negotiations on arms control. Putin invited Trump to visit Moscow next year and participate in the parade celebrating the anniversary of the end of World War II. During bilateral meetings, the issue of tensions in the Persian Gulf was also raised. President Trump appealed to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for help in putting pressure on Iran. The plenary session was dominated by economic issues. China, India and Russia have once again expressed their opposition to economic protectionism and unilateral sanctions. The first day of the summit ended with a gala dinner with G20 leaders. Commercial disputes in the center of attention of the participants of the G20 summit in Osaka. There will be direct talks between President Donald Trump and the Chinese and Indian leaders devoted to additional duties. G20 leaders believe that trade conflicts pose a serious risk to the global economy.


The EP supported laws prohibiting the sale of double-quality products.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday supported laws prohibiting the sale of quality products. The new regulations were approved by the House with 474 votes in favor, 163 against and 14 abstentions.Continue Reading..