Entrepreneurs are concerned. Trade with China is dying

Coronavirus is becoming more widespread and has a negative impact on global markets. If the current collapse of the Chinese economy continues, this will affect the supply chain and many Polish companies will find themselves in a very difficult position.Continue Reading..


There will be a growing shortage of employees in Poland.

For several years, Polish entrepreneurs have been affected by the shortage of employees. The Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs diagnoses that this problem will increase from year to year.Continue Reading..


Virtual cash registers and e-receipts may be introduced soon in Poland.

Sellers will be able to use virtual cash registers and send electronic receipts from them, if the buyer agrees. However, the Ministry of Finance wants to introduce a limit for sellers.Continue Reading..


The tax office will expand control and will check the taxpayer even outside Poland.

The Ministry of Finance plans to give new powers to the tax authorities, will exchange information about taxpayers with other countries. Everything for a wider tax seal. The first exchange of information is expected later this year.Continue Reading..


Owners of Polish companies are increasingly choosing this type of insurance.

Running a business in Poland is not only more and more expensive, but also causes more responsibilities, and mistakes threaten with severe penalties. If the tax authorities are pushing entrepreneurs, then insurers benefit. They meet the challenges and insure not only owners but also employees.Continue Reading..