Owners of Polish companies are increasingly choosing this type of insurance.

Running a business in Poland is not only more and more expensive, but also causes more responsibilities, and mistakes threaten with severe penalties. If the tax authorities are pushing entrepreneurs, then insurers benefit. They meet the challenges and insure not only owners but also employees.

The Polish government imposes more and more tax obligations on companies, often unclear and complicated. This entails the risk of making mistakes, which are the responsibility of company authorities, but also employees – mainly accounting and tax departments. The situation is being monitored by insurance companies.

That is why that kind of insurance offer is already available on the market that will insure not only members of the management board of the Polish company, but also for individual employees. In the event of problems, they guarantee legal assistance and also release from the obligation to bear the financial consequences of any tax errors. The insurer takes care of these.

Polish Companies and employees are threatened with sanctions. They can take the form of civil and criminal liability. – Here you can take advantage of the civil liability insurance if the claim is made by the employer, accusing of causing a loss as a result of a professional error, and penal-fiscal, when an insured employee will be subject to a penalty or a fine.

The insurance cost depends primarily on the amount of the sum insured for a given insured person. With the lowest limits of tens of thousands of zlotys, the premiums are at the level of several hundred zlotys annually.