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Is Poland an attractive country for foreigners?

Among the citizens of countries that recognize Poland as an attractive direction of immigration are Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians, as well as citizens of Asian countries (Vietnamese, Chinese, Hindus) and citizens of the countries of the South Caucasus. According to the estimates of the Government Population Council, due to the low fertility rate of women, Poland will need about 5 million immigrants, only to maintain the current economic level. In this context, immigration from Ukraine is particularly important. The presence of Ukrainian employees on the Polish labor market is more and more necessary, and the creation of facilities for them is much needed, as they are also becoming desirable on other Western markets.
In recent years, a number of facilities for foreigners have been introduced in Poland. On the other hand, Polish society is still perceived (quite stereotypically) as reluctant to foreigners, and the provisions of Polish law, despite being updated, still constitute a fairly significant barrier to access to the labor market and education.

According to experts of the Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers, this may result in an outflow of Ukrainian workers from Poland of around half a million, which may result in a 1.6 per cent GDP decline (1/3 of the growth rate). Visa liberalization to the EU appears to be Germany’s first step in acquiring qualified employees, but much has been said about simplified procedures for recognizing the qualifications of people outside the EU, support in learning German or integration activities.


EUR 167 billion has been invested by foreign companies in Poland for the last 25 years.

Foreign direct investment in Poland over the past 25 years has been aboveΒ EUR 167 billion, on average, more than 6 billion euro is transferred to theΒ our country each year.Β These investments have contributed to the growth of consumer and investment demand, the emergence of modern technologies, the development of enterprises, the improvement of production processes and supply chains, the improvement of the productivity of companies and their employees, wage increases and the decline of unemployment and, consequently, GDP growth in Poland.Β 

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