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Crisis will change the Polish and global economy.

Economic or political disasters introduce changes in the world economy and in national economies. Economists are also expecting change now, although we will know the effects of the pandemic in a few months. The recession of globalization and greater state interference in the economy are predicted.Continue Reading..


Coronavirus has changed the habits of Poles – they are increasingly buying Polish products.

Consumers are more likely to pay attention to the origin of products and are more likely to choose national ones. In this way, they want to help Polish companies and support the economy. This tendency is also due to the belief in greater security of domestic articles.Continue Reading..


Polish transport companies are already on the verge of collapse due to the epidemic.

Carriers are getting into debt, the industry is starting to lose financial liquidity. The virus reduces revenues from public transport by up to 80 percent. Polish transport is sinking. The number of routes of Polish carriers dealing in international road transport of goods, controlling one quarter of the EU market before the epidemic, has halved due to the decrease in orders.Continue Reading..


Remote work: Many people will not return to the office.

A revolution is coming along with the pandemic. In just a few weeks, companies had to change their approach to the performance of employees’ official duties. Remote work has become a necessity. And a necessity that many people, who have been used to work in the office so far, may like it for longer.Continue Reading..


Every tenth Polish exporter invests abroad.

At the end of 2018, the value of Polish direct investments abroad amounted to PLN 92.5 billion. Poland ranks third among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The Czechs and Hungarians invest more.Continue Reading..


There will be a growing shortage of employees in Poland.

For several years, Polish entrepreneurs have been affected by the shortage of employees. The Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs diagnoses that this problem will increase from year to year.Continue Reading..


Virtual cash registers and e-receipts may be introduced soon in Poland.

Sellers will be able to use virtual cash registers and send electronic receipts from them, if the buyer agrees. However, the Ministry of Finance wants to introduce a limit for sellers.Continue Reading..


The Polish government wants to tax Netflix, Spotify and other streaming services…

If the new PiS project comes into force, the state budget can affect up to one billion zlotys a year. By applying taxes to digital service providers, including Netflix, HBO and even Facebook the government wants to gain funds in this way to implement the recently announced election promises.Continue Reading..


Will Poles decide to adopt the euro?

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia gained from joining the monetary union – according to the report made by Polish scientists. Will it convince Poles to join the euro zone?

Continue Reading..