Coronavirus has changed the habits of Poles – they are increasingly buying Polish products.

Consumers are more likely to pay attention to the origin of products and are more likely to choose national ones. In this way, they want to help Polish companies and support the economy. This tendency is also due to the belief in greater security of domestic articles.

Poles have been eager to buy Polish products for several years, pay attention to the origin of products and services, but the situation before and during the coronavirus pandemic has a slightly different scale. The desire to help and support Polish companies has awakened in Polish society. This purchasing patriotism of Poles has never had such a scale as now.

Such a big declaration of willingness to help shows maturity and social awareness. It can be said that Poles have gone through an accelerated lesson in social maturity, especially people aged 45+ and better educated are more willing to opt for such support for companies, because they are aware that their choices also determine our common fate, and improve the economy of our country.

The main reason for a more massive return towards local products is the desire to support Polish producers, but this is not the only motive. The second is product safety. Half of the respondents are convinced that Polish products, especially during a pandemic, are safer than imported ones. However, according to the expert, this should not hurt the sale of imported products, although the habits created during forced isolation will not disappear after its completion.

The coronavirus pandemic will not leave us so quickly, and the effects of freezing certain branches of business or our home isolation will not disappear quickly. That is why it seems that the attitudes that are now forming in society will stay with us for longer.