Coronavirus changes the investment plans of Polish companies.

Financial problems of Polish companies caused by coronavirus can stop or at least seriously change their investment plans. Those companies in Poland that will have funds for investments will plan them differently.

After the shock that the economy is experiencing at the moment, Polish companies will analyze each investment many times in terms of whether it is really resistant to a repetition of the current situation. According to all forecasts, our economy will be in a recession. Both from the investment and demand side, the coming months will be very weak. This will naturally stop the investments.

After the pandemic, many companies in Poland will suspend or give up investments, but new investments and new ways of doing business will appear in their place. Operational tools, services or the offer will also have to change. This will be due to the fact that companies must adapt to the current situation and prepare for similar events in the future. Therefore, we will observe a very large increase in IT investments in Poland, primarily related to performing work remotely, without contact with people. Business processes will be remodeled to perform them using electronic devices – telephone, computer or tablet. To this end, however, IT support will be needed, which will generate investments.

Changing the model of operation of Polish companies and the manner of providing services, focused on contactless service, will require the development of infrastructure and appropriate IT systems: high-speed Internet connections, VPNs, remote work systems and cloud solutions that will allow companies and employees to perform tasks from anywhere. Investments in these areas should significantly accelerate in the coming months and years.

The situation will also force changes in the approach of the IT industry. Its new offer adapted to crisis times should be more flexible, scalable and assume shorter contract periods. In a situation when companies limit employment, they must have access to external IT specialists who will plan and implement the necessary changes.
By digitizing processes, the IT industry will help rebuild the economy affected by the recession and adapt it to new realities.

Investments in the internal structures of enterprises will also be necessary. Some processes will need to be reorganized, which will enable, for example, remote work in distributed teams. Hence the need for new IT and organizational tools enabling efficient project management.