The coronavirus outbreak continues. Poles are moving to the virtual reality.

The Internet replaces the pleasures that the virus has taken away from us, like a meeting in a cafe or a printed press. Poles transfer their activities to the network.Millions of viewers watch movies, favourite series or listen to music. The growth of people interested in this form of entertainment is so great that streaming service providers are forced to reduce the quality of picture and sound, because internet connections are loaded as never before. Entertainment based on online streaming breaks popularity records just right after computer games.

When a coronavirus pandemic cuts people off from outside entertainment, many people use their free time to play computer games. Not only the gaming industry, however, has seen growth, but the entire spectrum of services that have moved online or been offered online since the beginning.

People in Poland are also increasingly convinced to perform banking operations via the Internet. Opening a bank account in a Polish bank or servicing current payments in the era of the coronavirus pandemic are solutions that an increasing number of users are opting for. This is clearly supported by ease, convenience and safety of the operations.