Coronavirus. Polish banks only via the internet? Changes in Poland?

Most contacts with banks and offices will be possible online. The restrictions associated with coronavirus are increasing the popularity of electronic signatures.

The coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions have translated into increased popularity of online services. Most relationships between companies, citizens and public administration are transferred to the internet.The challenge is the electronic circulation of documents. The solution that allows you to remotely sign all documents – contracts, statements, e-invoices or official applications – is a qualified electronic signature. This is a great help for people who work outside the standard place of employment, e.g. at home, and companies wanting to maintain business continuity.

Coronavirus reorganized our lives practically from day to day. Many services that until now have been available online as an alternative to the standard services have suddenly become available only in digital mode. Many institutions, such as banks or offices, faced the challenge of expanding their service catalogs with those that allow them to meet the needs of customers without having to visit the branch or use paper documents.

A solution that allows you to remotely sign all types of documents: private and business, is a qualified electronic signature. It is a string of characters attached to a document that guarantees that its content has not changed, and makes it possible to determine the identity of the signer. An electronic signature allows you to settle most of your matters online and is equivalent to a signature that you create yourself on the document. A document bearing such a signature has exactly the same legal force as it was signed on paper. Thus, paper documents can be replaced by their electronic version.