How to deal with isolation during the pandemic?

About 88 percent of Polish citizens, feel the psychological consequences of a pandemic threat that has completely changed the professional and private lives of millions of people in Poland. For 33 percent of respondents, the main feeling accompanying them every day is anxiety about the future.

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the professional and social functioning of millions of Poles, the effects of which are already visible in the approach to business, work and leisure.

People in Poland work at home. As much as 66 percent people surveyed are currently working remotely due to a coronavirus pandemic. For 14 percent it is a good form of work, which they have already willingly and often used. In turn, 43 percent respondents assess remote work well, but emphasizes that they lack very much colleagues. For 28 percent this is definitely new and they learn to work outside the office. According to 15 percent respondents’ hard work is hard because of the children present at home and distracting.

Polish people are trying to find various activities and entertainment by spending time at home because of the threat of coronavirus. For some respondents the best form of relaxation is reading books, watching movies and TV series. According to others a good way are fitness or yoga exercises, implemented using online courses. Another group of people claim that virtual games are the best way to relax. In the opinion of 18 percent asked Poles it is the best to spend time at home learning new things, for example, conducting online language courses.

Staying at home we can actively practice, develop interests and gain new skills. A good solution, conducive to relaxation and mental regeneration is to find a hobby to which we can devote more time now. On-line workshops and courses related to manual, culinary and educational classes come to our aid.