Pandemic transfers Polish business to the Internet.

The outbreak of coronavirus, which stopped the traditional economy, accelerated the development of e-commerce, but also changed the direction of its development.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, traffic on the Polish Internet has increased by an average of 30 percent. Those Polish companies that have not yet adapted to the new reality must quickly switch to online. However, business analysts say that in the short term, the implementation of the most innovative solutions will most likely be halted in favor of those that bring the fastest benefits. In the longer, however, the search will be extended to those that most affect efficiency.

It seems that the time of enterprise-class customized solutions has been suspended until further notice, which is worth considering when creating offers. Software houses are not immune to problems affecting their clients. But a lot depends on them. Representatives of the traditional economy, even those who have already started to adapt digital solutions, will now intensively seek partners willing to offer them flexible, scalable and effective solutions whose time to market will be as short as possible.

Coronavirus has shown that digitization is not fantasy but necessity. In times of crisis, those who focus on automation or online sales will do best. Certainly, remote customer service has gained in importance and will continue to grow. Insurers will appreciate the constant contact with clients provided by self service online, and the service sector such as banks or energy companies, receiving and handling applications thanks to electronic customer service offices.

When physical access to offices, enterprises, but also stores is limited, the efficient functioning of customer service departments or consumers is key to ensuring the continuity of operation of virtually every institution and company. Manual handling of rapidly growing queries requires Polish companies to reach for solutions that automate communication.

Automation in Polish companies and offices will be used wherever the process is repetitive and requires consistency. Task management tools can ensure proper sequencing of tasks performed by individual employees or individual departments, which in the case of large organizations, where the natural flow of information is often disturbed, is extremely important. Thanks to such tools, when one part of the task is completed, the next link is notified automatically, and this means that the whole process can take place without major downtime. In addition, managers can monitor progress, anticipate problems and look for alternative solutions.