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There will be a growing shortage of employees in Poland.

For several years, Polish entrepreneurs have been affected by the shortage of employees. The Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs diagnoses that this problem will increase from year to year.Continue Reading..


Employment of Asians in Polish companies increased by almost half.

In the first half of 2019, over 35,000 were spent. work permit for offices of Asian countries. Up to 42 percent more than in the same period of the previous year – finish with the data of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy. In the first summaries of the year, the highest number of hits allowed by Nepalese (6.3 thousand), followed by Indians (4.3 thousand) and Bangladeshi (4.1 thousand).Continue Reading..


Gross vs. net salary. Real Polish employee remuneration.

Gross earnings are otherwise the total remuneration, even before we deduct tax and social security contributions from it. In other words, it is the whole salary, which is included in the contract.Continue Reading..


Fixed-term work contract in Poland.

The specificity of a fixed-term contract is a top-down specification of the time for which it is concluded, which means that it is valid only temporarily. This is one of the types of employment contract.Continue Reading..


Contract of mandate. What period and rules for termination?

The mandate contract is more flexible than the contract of employment. It is also related to the fact that it can be quite easily resolved. The term of notice is connected with how the contract was constructed.Continue Reading..


Over 230 foreigners worked illegally in the Lower Silesian region.

Over 230 foreigners – mostly Ukrainian citizens – worked illegally in Lower Silesia – it results from the inspection carried out by the Border Guard in one of the temporary employment agency in Lower Silesia.Continue Reading..


MRPiPS with the Philippine government on the subject of employing employees.

The family and labor department is at the stage of preliminary talks with the Ministry of the Philippines regarding the signing of a bilateral agreement on the employment of employees.Continue Reading..


Robots will replace people! This pays off.

Robotics can solve the shortage of employees in Poland. Such an investment can turn to companies during the year.

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Work of foreigners in Poland. New requirement.

Non-EU employees will be able to obtain temporary residence permits in Poland as part of a company transfer from another country. Those who want to obtain a permanent residence will have to demonstrate their knowledge of the Polish language.

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Work migration in Poland.

The situation on the labor market in Poland – we are more and more willing to move to get a well-paid job.

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