Work migration in Poland.

The situation on the labor market in Poland – we are more and more willing to move to get a well-paid job.

Specialists and managers are ready to change their place of residence – 74 percent of them would be carried out in the case of receiving an attractive job offer – it results from the seventh edition of “Activity of specialists and managers in the labor market”. Warsaw is the most frequently indicated city.

Every second specialist or manager wants to work in the capital (up to 52% from 31%). WrocΕ‚aw is interesting for 38 percent. respondents. A year ago he was the leader on the list with a similar percentage of 39%. However, 33 percent. surveyed specialists and managers willing to move to the Tri-City – a decline from 36 percent. a year ago.

Warsaw is a natural Polish pretender to fight for the migration of corporations, including the world’s largest banks and investment funds, looking for a new seat as an alternative to London. Market data indicates that it is a city where both the company can gain – due to the potentially low costs of business operations and access to qualified personnel, as well as the employee. Opportunities for new jobs in prestigious organizations clearly affect the imagination of specialists and managers.

The survey shows that professional relocation to KrakΓ³w is declared by 28%. respondents. This is a result similar to last year’s – the fourth place on the list.

The capital of Wielkopolska is also among the five most-sought-after jobs. Professional relocation to PoznaΕ„ is attractive for every fourth specialist and manager (26%).

The “Antal 2017 wage salary survey” was conducted in the period July 24 – August 16, 2017 using the CAWI method and CATI on a sample of 1040 specialists and managers from all over the country, representing various disciplines and industries.