Revolutionary changes in running a company in Poland in 2018.

Some entrepreneurs will not have to register at all, others will not pay any premiums for half a year. In the end, several hundred thousand Poles will pay much lower ZUS, even only 32 zlotys a month. From January 2018, a revolution in running a company awaits us.


Today, Polish entrepreneurs are the problem of social insurance contributions. Their amount does not depend on how much the owner of the company can earn in a given month. The regulations provide for entrepreneurs to pay a fixed premium to ZUS calculated from 60 percent. average salary. So from February it falls to PLN 1172,56 a month. And it does not matter if they have a loss or only earn 500 or a thousand zlotys. The premium is the same. Entrepreneurs are therefore trying to reduce costs. How? Even if they suspend business for some time. This is the case for seasonal companies. And when we suspend operations, we do not have to pay fees.

Emotions related to ZUS rates are used by financial intermediaries. Recently, we had a lot of offers related to “arranging” insurance in other EU countries. Offers for entrepreneurs amount up to PLN 500 for pension and health insurance. There is no data that would illustrate the scale of escape abroad for cheaper insurance. More and more often entrepreneurs are employed abroad (and there they pay lower premiums), and in Poland they run a business. As a last resort, when the entrepreneur states that he can no longer pay legal fees, he goes into the gray area. According to the latest available GUS data in the shadow economy, there are 711 thousand. Poles. For example, they earn a hairdresser’s (shearing at home) or workers doing minor finishing and repairing jobs (often casual). The average monthly income from undeclared work is only PLN 842. If someone wanted to pay the obligatory contributions from this amount, he would have to pay extra to the business.

New ZUS rules Therefore, the Ministry of Development decided to relieve companies. On April 14, the ministry disclosed a bill “on the social insurance system”. What does it assume? Well, the people running the business will be able to pay ZUS contributions depending on income. Today, as we mentioned, entrepreneurs pay PLN 1 512.56 monthly, of which PLN 812.61 go to ZUS (pension, disability, accident and sickness contributions, although the latter is not obligatory in the amount of PLN 62.67) and PLN 62.67 PLN for the Labor Fund. The remaining PLN 297.28 is the health contribution. Now that someone has a smaller income, the lower will be paid ZUS contributions. The changes will, however, include people conducting small operations with revenues up to 5,000. zΕ‚. Anyone who would have income below PLN 5,000 would benefit from the changes.

Health care contribution
- be careful! The Ministry of Development Act does not imply a change in the rate for health insurance. Therefore, every company running a company will have to pay PLN 297.28 a month for health insurance.

Politics announce that they will want to reduce this premium and, like the social security contribution, depend on revenues. If this were the case, entrepreneurs with the lowest revenues of up to PLN 200 would pay only 18 zlotys for health insurance.

Annual settlement with ZUS
Every entrepreneur who benefits from facilitations will be able to settle with ZUS annually, thanks to which entrepreneurs who exceed a limit of 5,000 PLN in income for several months in a year (but in the following months their income will be much smaller).

The government hopes that approx. 181 thousand will benefit from the changes. entrepreneurs. He also hopes that new companies will be created. "It is expected to increase the number of micro enterprises due to: improvement of their survivability, economic incentive to legalize the so-called informal activities in the gray zone, as well as - an incentive to start new enterprises - we read in the justification of the Act.