The shares of the Bank of Switzerland reign on the stock exchange.

The stock quotes of the Swiss National Bank went up to 6,800 francs on Friday. This means that in a few hours their value increased by a dozen percent, breaking the record. This institution is one of the few in the world that has private shareholders.

The shares of the Swiss National Bank just broke the record of all time, exceeding 6,000. francs per piece. This is three times more than their value was at the beginning of 2017.

At the peak of the day, ie around 13:00, the bank’s stock quotes reached as much as 6,800 francs, which means an increase of several percent in a few hours.

The fact that quotations have been growing for a long time is not unusual. Economists suggest that in the eyes of investors, these shares can be treated as a safe deposit, comparable to government bonds. All by very low interest rates in the markets. The potential profits from the shares seem to be extremely tempting in this face, and the credibility of the institution is unquestionable.

At the current quotations, the market value of all shares, and thus the theoretical valuation of the Swiss Bank, already exceeds 600 million francs, or well over PLN 2 billion. The Swiss bank is unique in this respect, because the vast majority of its counterparts do not even belong partly to private investors. Thus, there is no question of shares listed on the stock exchange.

The equivalent of the Bank of Switzerland in Poland is the National Bank of Poland, which has no private investors. It is a fully state institution.