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Contract of mandate. What period and rules for termination?

The mandate contract is more flexible than the contract of employment. It is also related to the fact that it can be quite easily resolved. The term of notice is connected with how the contract was constructed.Continue Reading..


Labor market in Poland. Education will become less and less important.

Within 10-15 years a breakthrough on the labor market may occur. The success will be decided not by studies but by experience, a set of appropriate qualifications, creativity and passion, the ability to learn quickly and independently.

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Poland in the lead of Europe. We have the largest share of women among managers

Women earn less and less often occupy managerial positions. Eurostat has examined the situation of women and men in the European Union. However, it turns out that Poland is quite good compared to the Community and we have something to be proud of.

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An employee may or may not agree to have his or her salary transferred to a bank account.

The employer can not require the employee to set up a bank account for the payroll. Insisting on it, breaks the law. Then the injured person can report the case to the National Labour Inspectorate and apply for compensation. In exceptional situations, the boss can even be punished for his persistence.

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Importance of human resources services in your company

According to the New York Times, Poland has the second highest percentage (at 39%) of people 25 to 34 years old with university degrees or the equivalent in the world (for comparison, US ranks 11th). The same article quotes an example of a salary being less than a half of what the same employee would cost in the United States. Poland continues to become a leader of offshoring for multiple business giants as well as small and medium businesses, which makes human resources services extremely important.

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