Importance of human resources services in your company

According to the New York Times, Poland has the second highest percentage (at 39%) of people 25 to 34 years old with university degrees or the equivalent in the world (for comparison, US ranks 11th). The same article quotes an example of a salary being less than a half of what the same employee would cost in the United States. Poland continues to become a leader of offshoring for multiple business giants as well as small and medium businesses, which makes human resources services extremely important.

Well selected staff is always a backbone of each entrepreneurial success. Pursuing the best talents is not a trivial task in the times of an employee market. Following the golden rules of recruitment will allow your business to save time and money.

As a first step, a profile of your desired employee must be created. Both hard and soft skills should be outlined in a way that will enable the HR expert to find a perfect match for you.

Depending on characteristics of the above mentioned profile, your human resources services expert will adjust his/her methodology to the nature of your search. In-house talent database, professional usage of business social media and deep understanding of local classifieds sources are just a few examples of tools that could be selected for a specific type of position that needs to be filled.

Let’s face it, it takes time and knowledge to perform multiple interviews to find exactly who you’re looking for. Make sure that your HR representative will be able to stand for the quality of your business.

Last, but certainly not the least important step is the ability to gather and analyze information and make informed, fair, wise decisions. Decisions that will shape the structure of your business for years to come.


Business People Learning About Human Resources

Business People Learning About Human Resources