Poland still attracts foreign investors.

Poland, as a very fast-growing country located at the heart of Europe is becoming more and more frequent choice for running a business. Being the sixth largest country of European Union in terms of population, means undeniably a large selling market for goods and services. In numbers – about 38 million citizens, which is about one third of the total population of new member states. In recent years Poland has proven its position as one of the most attractive global locations for business investments.

Company formation process in simpler when the foreigner comes from one of the European Union countries, and for those who come from outside of EU the whole process in a bit more complicated, but anyway – the recommended scenario is to commence with the paperwork for starting a business at the same time as starting preparing for the procedure of immigration.

At the bottom, opportunity of having a company in Poland is offered to everyone and polish economy is open to foreign value added. With exceptions for the utilities sector, there is almost no special permission required to start a business in Poland. Polish government seems to understand perfectly that in order to continue polish economy growth, they should care  about the success of every single investor who decided to run a business in Poland. 

Location, developing economy, educated employees – the list of advanteges is even longer and really impressive. However, with understandable optimism, every responsible entrepreneur should remember about proceedings according to the polish law system, which may seem variable and inconsistent. However, there is no doubt that with a helping hand of professional legal and economic advisers, having a company in Poland can be a real source of satisfaction and profits.