Labor market in Poland. Education will become less and less important.

Within 10-15 years a breakthrough on the labor market may occur. The success will be decided not by studies but by experience, a set of appropriate qualifications, creativity and passion, the ability to learn quickly and independently.

Digitization and automation covers other areas of our life and work. Robots will replace sellers, cashiers, accountants, and even lawyers and truck drivers.

Scientists indicate that no higher education will decide about success on the labor market, technical competence, the ability to think creatively and ask questions, social competences and, above all, the ability to learn independently and quickly.

According to specialists, it will be not so much a profession as a set of qualifications needed for a given position, including partial ones related to precise skills, such as for example operating a specific system.

The boundaries between competitions will also become more blurred. We will work on the borderline of for instance IT and medicine.

The future professions are those that demand creative, critical thinking and those that are based on a relationship with a human being. Among them are professions related to home or medical services and the organization of free time (fitness, tourism, entertainment). The demand for, among others, big date analysts, cyber security specialists or programmers will increase.