Emigration to Poland. Ukrainians are delighted.

Almost 90 percent migrants from Ukraine praise the standard of living in Poland. They feel good here, easily find a job – and many want to stay on the Vistula forever. The work of Ukrainians is usually attracted to Poland, but not only.

According to the survey 44 percent of Ukrainians living by the Vistula River regard Poland as the destination country of their emigration – so they want to stay in Poland longer, and maybe forever. Such desire was expressed by almost 30 percent of participants of the survey. 60 percent however, want to stay by the Vistula for longer and only 2 percent plan to spendΒ  here no more than three months.

Migrants from beyond our eastern border appreciate not only the standard of living in Poland, but also the kindness of Poles. Positive comments on this subject were made by 74 percent of the respondents. The experts indicate that the cultural similarities between the two nations help in the assimilation of Ukrainians.

Experts also point out that there are more and more highly qualified specialists coming to Poland who value not only higher earnings, but also, for example, employment stability.

However, not only work attracts Ukrainian citizens to Poland. Though 66 percent admit that they came here for work, 35 percent indicate learning opportunities as the cause of immigration.