Moods in the euro zone are the best for many years.

Entrepreneurs from the eurozone countries have already forgotten about economic problems from years ago. The European Commission’s research indicated that the mood in companies is the best in 17 years.

Not so long ago, the breakup of the euro zone was foretold. Now it turns out that the moods among entrepreneurs from countries using the single currency have not been so good in 17 years. Measuring the index has reached the highest value since 2000.

Sentiment testing is carried out by the European Commission. It is based on forecasts for the development of the industrial and service sector in the euro area countries. Nearly 25 thousand people are surveyed by the companies.

The index has adopted the value of 116 points, which is a big surprise. Economists expected a result of 114.8 points versus 114.6 points a month earlier.

Only a few years ago, the indicator showed values ​​below 90 points, and in the climactic moment of the financial crisis from just a decade, only 70 points.

This is another data confirming the good direction in which the economies of the euro area countries are heading. Last week, the independent company IHS Markit published a report showing that the activity of enterprises in the euroland was in December at the highest level since 1997, that is, from the moment when it conducts research on this subject.

In both cases, the statistics are “soft” – they result from the opinions gathered in the surveys. Recently, however, there was no shortage of hard evidence for a solid economic recovery after the previous crisis.

Recall that euro zone GDP in the third quarter of 2017 grew at a rate of 2.6 percent, which means the best result in a decade.