The costs of the crisis will be covered by Polish companies with new taxes.

Close entrepreneurs one of the ways to more favorable business conditions, and then tax them. We must adapt to the new reality of the crisis and build a new model of economic life.

From the speech of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, which he delivered in the Sejm on April 6, 2020, presenting information on the state of the state in relation to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Poland, we can clearly understand that, the amount of taxes paid so far by entrepreneurs in Poland does not matter. They must pay even more to finance the fight against the epidemic.

If, until now, entrepreneurs thought they were paying too high taxes and incurring too many additional fees, then the prime minister’s parliamentary speech is nothing more than an announcement that they should pay even more. In times of crisis, it does not matter that they have been the main contributor to GDP growth or the first zero budget deficit after 1989.

The policy of sealing the tax system, introduced as the heaviest way for entrepreneurs to finance the state budget, is also to be a remedy to combat the effects of the economic collapse caused by the coronavirus.
Unfortunately, Polish companies are only an instrument to fund the state budget, which nobody cares about and their needs can eventually be met at the very end if they survive.

Therefore, entrepreneurs should take advantage of various possibilities of tax optimization specified in the provisions of applicable law. It is much easier to look for new solutions with the help of professionals.
Experienced consulting companies in Poland with the resources of accounting advisors can help start a business in Poland and run it effectively.

Looking at the increase in incidence in Western Europe, you cannot be optimistic at the moment, the end of the fight against coronavirus is certainly far away. We should adapt to the epidemic. Fighting the plague, we must try to build a new model of economic life.

No one knows what the course of the coronavirus epidemic will be and how long it will last. Whether and when the vaccine will be invented. That is why we are all facing a great unknown in social and economic life. One thing is certain – the coronavirus has caused a crisis that no one in the world has ever expected.