Linking accounts of various Polish banks in one electronic banking.

Bank Millennium was the first bank in Poland to provide a service where customers of the bank can order on its website transfers from their accounts in other banks. This is one of the services that the provisions of the European PSD2 Directive allow.

Banks have already made it possible for clients to add accounts of various banks to their electronic banking – ING Bank ŚlΔ…ski was the first to do it, but at this moment several banks offer such an opportunity. If the customer has enabled the appropriate function, after entering his account, he also sees his accounts in other banks. Now Bank Millennium in Poland goes a step further.

As part of the new service that has just been introduced, the first group of clients who have already added other banks’ accounts to their electronic banking can order a domestic transfer from their accounts at PKO BP Polish Bank in their online transaction service. So for now this service can be used by people who have accounts at both of these two Polish banks: Millennium Bank and PKO BP. The transfer is initiated from the Millennium account, but it is already carried out at the bank where the account is located.

Ordering a transfer is very simple. All you have to do is choose an account from another bank that you have previously added, select the transfer option. After selecting it, a transfer form to fill will appear, in which the customer also agrees. After confirming the selected options, you will be taken to the login page of the bank from whose account the transfer is being made. After logging in and confirming the operation using the authorization method used in the given bank, the customer will be returned to the service of the bank from which he initiated the transaction.

The service will be gradually made available to subsequent customer groups and expanded to include accounts of other banks and other types of transactions. It is also planned to make this functionality available in the mobile application.