Rules for suspending a company in Poland.

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused many entrepreneurs in Poland to have problems with financial liquidity. Some of them decided to suspend their business.

Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Polish government has introduced many restrictions that affect many Polish companies. Shops, restaurants or service outlets are closed or have far fewer customers than usual. Their owners are looking for savings, and one of the radical steps to save and survive a difficult time is to suspend business operations.

An entrepreneur running a Polish company in the form of a sole proprietorship may suspend it at any time and resume its activity after some time. He does not have to justify his decision or seek the approval of any authority. A sole proprietorship may be suspended for an indefinite or definite period, but not less than 30 days, or for a definite period of 30 days to 24 months.

To suspend a Polish company run as a sole proprietorship, you must complete an application. There are several ways to submit it to CEIDG. In the current situation caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus, it is difficult to submit it to the city or commune office or send an application by post. In this situation, it is best to use the internet and send an online application.

Suspension of business is the right of every entrepreneur. If he decides to take such a step, he does not have to pay insurance contributions to ZUS and settle taxes. Activities can be suspended at any time. The law allows for temporary suspension of activity and return to it when the market situation is better.

During the suspension of operations, the entrepreneur may not perform it and obtain revenue from this. Nor can he perform the same services under the contract of mandate as he provided as part of the company in Poland, Β you can settle fixed costs that are associated with securing your source of income. It is about utilities or rent for which contracts were concluded before the date of suspension of operations.