Revolut has more and more customers in Poland.

Revolut, a global financial services platform, has officially announced that it has over 1 million customers in Poland.

British fintech was established in 2015 as a mobile currency exchange application, offering commission-free payments abroad, without incurring high costs. On this he quickly built his popularity in the world. Currently, it also offers other financial services and is thus becoming an increasingly serious competitor for banks. He just said that in Poland already 1 million users use his services.

Since its founding, fintech has obtained $ 800 million in financing from investors, over 10 million customers worldwide and has completed over 1 billion transactions worth over 130 billion dollars.

In Poland, his clients have spent PLN 3.5 billion using the application over the past 12 months. Revolut is seen as an application and card useful on the go, but as it turns out, customers pay in this way for various purchases and services.

Revolut , has opened a bank in Lithuania, based on a license obtained in 2018, it will offer Lithuanian clients, among others, accounts and deposits (covered by the state deposit guarantee system), as well as consumer loans and credit cards.

It is planned that in the near future the banking offer will also appear in other countries of the region, also in Poland.