The tax office will expand control and will check the taxpayer even outside Poland.

The Ministry of Finance plans to give new powers to the tax authorities, will exchange information about taxpayers with other countries. Everything for a wider tax seal. The first exchange of information is expected later this year.

The Ministry of Finance intends to exchange data on taxpayers and transactions with other countries. The first to go is information on cross-border tax schemes. The first exchange will take place later this year, by October 31 at the latest.

The ministry estimates that thanks to such cooperation, the state budget will receive PLN 555 million annually, and PLN 180 million to the council of local governments. The Ministry of Finance also hopes that other countries will follow in the footsteps of Poland and implement solutions similar to JPK VAT, STIR, SENT or the white list of taxpayers.

Poland is closest to cooperating with the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which already have experience in information exchange. The phenomenon of tax fraud could be further reduced if other countries had similar tools at their disposal. Then, on the basis of reciprocity, we could exchange more complete information with them.