The EP supported laws prohibiting the sale of double-quality products.

The European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday supported laws prohibiting the sale of quality products. The new regulations were approved by the House with 474 votes in favor, 163 against and 14 abstentions.

According to them, products sold under the same brand and in the same packaging should have the same composition. The regulations came into being, because many countries of Central and Eastern Europe indicate that they sell less-quality food than in Western Europe.

This issue has aroused a lot of emotions for many years. This is because the products of certain companies sold under the same name in different countries contain different ingredients.

Producers explain this with the specificity of individual markets where customers are used to, for example, a particular taste. Critics, however, indicate that inferior components are often found in products targeting the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, and better – in Western markets.

In accordance with the adopted regulations, companies will have to either unify the composition of products sold in the EU, or change the name of the products.