The pandemic will strengthen the Polish start-up market.

The startup market in Poland will be stronger after the end of the pandemic. Every crisis is a good ground for the development of innovation. You can also see that now these types of entities are doing well. In addition, the current situation creates a chance for development for Polish companies operating in the field of broadly defined preventive healthcare. It is also an ideal time for projects related to the online area, including remote work or e-education. But a pandemic also has risks. Some of these companies will collapse. It can already be seen that investors are more willing to limit the risk, preferring to subscribe for smaller shares. However, such moves do not discourage the industry. It is just the opposite.

The crisis is the best ground for the development of innovation. Many companies will be created on the market and existing ones will change their business models,
The new ones can be created by people who lost their jobs because of a pandemic. In this way, they will be able to look for market niches and a chance to find themselves in the labor market.

From 2014, from the beginning of the current financial perspective, the start-up market in Poland began to develop dynamically. Programs, accelerators and funds were created that transferred a lot of money to the development of the smallest enterprises. Earlier, the situation was worse in this respect. In my opinion, the market will be more and more mature. This will be favored by, among others European Commission policy on entrepreneurship financing and government agencies.

Experts’ observations show that startups are doing quite well in their new role. Many of them have tools that enable them to operate remotely. At the same time, these types of entities creatively adapt their products to the needs of customers, and are also looking for new markets. A pandemic is a time when physical contact and paper solutions can be a potential source of infection, and e-solutions, such as electronic document circulation systems, electronic signatures and e-consultations, are gaining importance.

No state in the economy lasts forever. The fact that today companies producing disinfectants are seeing huge increases does not mean that after a pandemic period the situation will be just as good. The number of competitors has increased rapidly. So you’ll need to find new opportunities