Possible impact of remote work on the real estate market in Poland.

The outbreak of coronavirus has shown that in many industries, you can work effectively from home, and you don’t necessarily have to use your office for work. If this is the case, it can mean a lot of benefits for companies and employees.

According to experts, around 2.5 million employees can work outside the office. It’s about 15 percent. total employees. If companies do not have to provide them space in the office, then they will be able to reduce the office space or negotiate better rental rates, because there will be less willing other companies for this space.

They will also be able to reduce costs, because they will be able to look for people outside of large cities to work, where the cost of living, including a flat, is lower, offering them a lower salary costs by employing cheaper employees from smaller towns.

In turn, for employees who are attached to large cities today because they have companies offering good jobs, it will mean the opportunity to look for a place to live in smaller cities.

If someone can work remotely, then why buy a flat for 2 or 3 times more money in a large crowded city if in a smaller, less populated and calmer it costs much less. One of the effects of the changes starting may be a reduction in the demand for apartments in the largest cities and an increase in those where prices are lower.

This would mean a complete reversal of the trend that has been going on for years – the prices of apartments in large cities are rising to absurd levels, while in smaller ones they are still on a reasonable standards. At the same time, there are more and more inhabitants in large centers, and smaller ones are depopulating.

According to experts, remote work in Poland may reduce the scale of migration to the largest cities and increase to smaller ones. The most profitable thing is to live where the cost of living is low, and work for a company from a large city where the salary is definetely higher.