Business of the future. Experts chose the best startups.

At first you have to get a good idea before others do it. It must be innovative, because only small companies starting from scratch are able to attract big business partners. You do not need to have a lot of money to implement, but you have to be able to sell the idea. With such knowledge the participants of the ABSL Start-Up Challenge competition started to compete for the most innovative start-up.

The competition consists of three stages. The first is collection and verification of applications. The most interesting in the jury’s opinion, the projects were qualified for the second round and presented during regional events organized in major Polish cities: in Warsaw, Krakow, WrocΕ‚aw, Tri-City, PoznaΕ„, Katowice, ŁódΕΊ and Szczecin.

During the Warsaw ABSL Start-Up Challenge elimination seven ideas for innovative business were presented. Each of them was unique.

In the jury’s vote, Shelfwise scored the most points, winning the ABSL Start-Up Challenge in the capital. According to experts, it is the best prospective start-up, which, when placed under the wings of a large company, is able to provide its new product, improve efficiency and stimulate the consumer more effectively.

The ABSL Start-Up Challenge organizers add that the list of winners also results from the fact that the ideal idea for an innovative business is one that can be useful to the customer almost immediately.