Business Intelligence – new quality of management.

Capturing and processing information today is the key to success for many businesses.ย Whoever has the knowledge – wins.ย Managers are looking for solutions that will allow them to catch up with the overwhelming data of the most important, properly interpret and use them effectively.ย Business Intelligence is the answer to these needs.

Up until now, analyzing the company’s own information resources and optimizing them was a task not only tedious and time-consuming, which required a lot of work.ย A data analyst with a range of IT solutions still had to watch over the whole process, be a demiurge that made the whole machine “grinding” data.ย This has been a very long time.ย Only modern BI systems allow you to bypass the factor of people and allow artificial intelligence to act on your own – faster, more accurately and more effectively – which has changed the data handling radically.ย BI solutions provide not only easy and instant access to “knowledge” – the latest systems allow the manager to track data analysis on the smartphone screen as well as optimize the millions of information for specific needs.ย BI solutions, for the first time in history, enable real-time full-time operations, enabling immediate response to distant physical markets.ย 

It does not matter whether it is a global corporation or a small family business, all managers need access to reliable information.ย In the age of increasing competition, effective digitization of management processes is a chance for business success.ย So all the divisions in the company – financial, advertising, production.ย BI tools combine data from all these sources and create a clear message from them. Instead of a few reports, an entrepreneur receives one optimized report that is a combination of all.ย The report you receive can analyze and modify depending on what information you need.ย 

The power of BI can also be attributed to the fact that it takes over the tasks previously owned by ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Modern systems therefore coordinate the collection and circulation of information about every aspect of the company, they can help with logistics, transport and storage of products.

In addition to planning, communicating, and securing BI data, it can serve as a powerful tool for monitoring your competition.ย Competitive actions can be learned through customers – tracking their consumer behavior, daily habits, gaining information about their needs and expectations.ย 

The wide range of new Business Intelligence tools also helps to tailor them to the needs of a specific business.ย 

Business Consulting application provides access to the time and expertise of an experienced data analyst and the selection of appropriate technologies and tools for a specific customer profile. The relatively low cost of the SBC solution is due to the fact that the system is working in the cloud. All this makes the choice of this solution a matter of convenience and cost savings – and time and energy.ย 

Today, innovative but tailor-made BI systems can also be used by several companies. They break through the entry barriers by recommending the optimal technical architecture of the solution and by supporting the highly qualified and experienced staff of data processing professionals.

According to the Open Economy study, Business Intelligence will be used in an increasing number of business processes. By 2020, as part of the “Internet of Things”, as many as 7.3 billion devices will be connected to the network worldwide. This is the big challenge facing organizations today in the context of providing secure “smart offices” in the new Open Economy environment. According to Samsung experts today, it is necessary to take steps to properly secure corporate digital content against cybercrime.

The key solution will be Business Intelligence, which can drastically change the functionally business – for the benefit of customers and businesses.