Polish companies have a great chance for expansion into the Asian market.

Astana Expo 2017 in Kazakhstan starts on June 10 and will last three months. The exhibition is held under the slogan “Energy of the future”.

Expo Fair in Astana (Kazakhstan) isΒ an opportunity to promote the Polish economy and entrepreneurs in the Asian markets, and to establish bilateral cooperation between the authorities and companies from Poland and Kazakhstan –Β Deputy Minister of Development at the conference in Warsaw said.Β 

Poland will present under the slogan “Poland: creative people, smart energy”. In addition to solutions for the power industry, including modern, clean coal combustion, he also plans to show how to use forests to reduce carbon emissions, and promote the candidacy of ŁódΕΊ as host of the Expo in 2022.

Deputy Minister Emilewicz noted that the energy that was included in the exhibition’s log was a challenge not just for the Expo but for the entire world. “Intelligent energy management, lower energy consumption, environmentally friendly consumption, and environmentally friendly energy production are today real challenges for which our companies, our scientists, can already offer many technologically interesting things today.

The trade fair in the capital of Kazakhstan allows bilateral co-operation with the Kazakh administration and Kazakh entrepreneurs. These informal relationships have already begun a series of visits to the Kazakh side in Poland, where we have met on both the administration and the business level.