Dropshipping – great idea for a business in Poland.

What is dropshipping?

It is a logistic model of Internet sales involving the transfer of the process of shipment of goods to the supplier. The role of the online store in this logistic model comes down to collecting orders and sending them to the supplier who performs the shipment of the goods to the customer.

Let’start from the beginning…First of all as an entrepreneur you need to have a Polish company, one of the best and easiest ways to start a business in Poland is opening or buying ready made, shelf company. Business consulting agencies are very helpful in all the procedures and they can explain all the rules and regulations concerning this issue.

With their complete support you can either open a new Polish Limited Liability Company (LLC) personally or when it is not possible – for example for visa reasons – such professional partner is able to start the whole process fully remotely in your name. The next step could be the help with business visa for you to run the business by yourself or to search for qualified, local employees to do it for you.

The next part would be establishing an e-store which can be very simple, especially when using ready-made solutions provided by professional companies. The next step is to create a business plan and, of course, find the right dropshipping wholesale.

Before we sign a contract with a wholesaler, it will be necessary to determine a few important issues, such as: prices of goods, settlement conditions, possible additional charges related to the preparation of goods for shipment – finally the time needed to complete the order.

When it comes to prices, it should be remembered that the wholesalers take over the entire process of preparing and sending parcels, incurring costs.

Finally, we can stock up the store and focus on the most important one: promotion and increasing traffic. The stock levels and prices are updated automatically; and the seller’s job – apart from effective marketing – is to transfer orders to the warehouse together with all the data needed to efficiently execute the order, such as the customer’s address or shipping method. It should also be remembered that the e-store sells the goods to the customer and the e-store is burdened with the resulting obligations, such as: issuing a receipt for the customer and after-sales service related to the right to return the goods as a result of withdrawal from the contract in within 14 days.

Dropshipping for an online store means, above all, very large savings: no warehouse, no need to free up capital in the merchandise and fulfill orders. It also provides access to a large amount of goods that are available immediately.In dropshipping, the shop owner pays for individual orders and only when the customer pays him. He does not invest and does not risk his money.

A well-organized Drop Shipment business seems to be an ideal solution for entrepreneurs as it allows you to maximize profits while saving time and money for shipment and storage of goods.