The entrepreneur in Poland has the right to make mistakes.

The Ministry of Enterprise and Technology plans to introduce another deregulatory package, which, among other things, is to strengthen the competitive position of Polish ports by extending the VAT settlement date in imports, as well as admit the right to error during the first year of operation for smaller entrepreneurs – said Minister of Entrepreneurship Jadwiga Emilewicz.

The Friendly Law Package is more than 70 business-oriented changes. Together with the previous packages, in total, we are talking about hundreds of facilitations and savings for Polish entrepreneurs in over three years. The goal is to create better conditions for the development of micro, small and medium enterprises, and thus, a better competitive position of Poland. The common goal of these packages is to facilitate business life, especially for smaller companies. We want Polish enterprises to grow and compete boldly, also on the international arena – said Jadwiga Emilewicz.

Among the most important proposals of the package, the friendly state is, among others, extending the date of settling VAT in imports, which is to strengthen the position of Polish ports in global competition. The Ministry proposes to depart from the restrictive date of payment of VAT on imports, i.e. 10 days from customs clearance or from the date of issuing a customs decision and enter settlements on general terms, i.e. in principle up to the 25th day of the next month (together with the VAT-7 declaration).

Another important change in the package is the right to make mistakes by entrepreneurs. It is a new institution in the Polish legal system, which is based on the conviction that most of the infringements committed by novice entrepreneurs do not result from ill will, but rather have the character of unintentional errors.

The right to error will apply only to entrepreneurs registered in CEIDG from the sector of micro, small and medium enterprises.

The essence of the proposal is that in the event of a violation of the regulations related to the business activity carried out, the entrepreneur will not be punished if the violation found is removed within the prescribed period. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy provides for two restrictions – it is the committing of infringements once again and in case of a gross violation of the law.