Foreign companies like to invest in Poland.

Foreign investors like to invest in Poland. The decision to re-invest in Poland would take 92 percent. of them. This is the result of the 11th edition of the study “Investment climate in Poland” conducted by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) with the support of HSBC and Grant Thornton. Unfortunately, the percentage of satisfied investors is falling.

In comparison with the previous edition of the report, the percentage of satisfied foreign investors dropped by 0.6 percentage points. and it amounted to 98 percent.

The year 2017 was a very good year for foreign investors – and the results of PAIH are record-breaking. Therefore, we look at 2018 with great optimism and we are working to ensure that investment projects are not only more, but also focus on making them more technologically saturated.


The assessment of the investment climate in Poland slightly decreased in 2017. The reading was 3.7 points (on a five-point scale) against 3.72 points in 2016. When asked about the general assessment of Poland as a place to run a business, investors usually responded positively (54% of indications with a good grade). Poland rated 12 percent very well. of respondents, and the average rating was 30%. respondents.

The investment climate in Poland assessed by investors is also a very good mark for our enterprises – the level of development and the quality of services of Polish enterprises is very well evaluated, which is one of the key conclusions of the report’s fluids.

70 percent foreign investors who want to continue operating in Poland expect revenues to increase. 56 percent of them intends to increase the number of employees, while 48 percent plans to increase investment expenditures.


The best are assessed by investors from France who give Poland 4.1 points to 5, followed by Germany, Japan and Sweden – awarding 3.8 points each.

According to the surveyed investors, the greatest asset of Poland is economic stability assessed on average 4.01 points, the size of the internal market – 3.94 points and the availability of materials and components – 3.89 points. The lowest rating was given by the quality of constancy and predictability of the law – 2.75 points out of five, and the effectiveness of commercial judiciary – 2.84 points, as well as formalities related to taxes – 2.91 points.

Investors with whom we work for about 2-3 years longer notice that the improvement of legislation in Poland and longer perspective assess the legislative principles as stabilizing.

The “Investment climate in Poland” report was developed based on surveys conducted among companies operating on Polish territory with foreign capital from November 7-30, 2017. 76 companies with foreign capital operating in Poland took part in it.