Immigration to Poland after Brexit?

Days after the British referendum regarding withdrawal from the European Union hundreds of questions arise. Among countless issues the United Kingdom might face, drain of qualified employees might be one of the most painful ones. Β It’s widely known that UK has a high percentage of immigrants from outside of the European Union and these people will now be seeking new places to work in. While some might come back to their home countries, many will consider working in other EU countries, including Poland.

Immigration to Poland

Immigration to Poland for non-EU citizens is a process that requires some preparation. There is just a handful of way a stay like that can be legalized. If a person is planning to receive a residence permit in Poland, he or she can establish a company in Poland, receive a job or education in the country. Β Polish law is not very flexible when it comes to this topic, so immigration plans should be well prepared and specialized help we’ll most definitely be a huge advantage. An immigration expert should be able to provide professional help with all necessary task, including guidance regarding all legal documents applicant need to collect, help filling them in (which has to be done in Polish!) and assistance in correspondence with the embassy that will eventually decide whether or not the residence permit will be granted.

However complicated the process might appear to be, with qualified guidance it might be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Advantages of the ability to operate on the Polish business market are certainly worth the effort.