The interest in investing in Poland is not weakening.

Foreign companies are betting on Poland. Many big investors have announced that this year it will launch new projects in Polish cities. Motor vehicle investments and the new services sector dominate.

The interest in investing in Poland also in large investments does not diminish. The first four and a half months of the year brought a total of 18, worth EUR 311 million, meaning at least 4,000 new work places. And all this under conditions of considerable pressure on the labor market – the experts comment.

Optimism can also be seen among the already existing companies in our market. Employers are more optimistic about the financial condition of their companies – the Employers’ Plan survey, prepared by the Randstad Research Institute, showed. A good or very good estimate is 69 percent. respondents – this is the highest result in the history of the study and an increase of 2 pp. compared to the end of 2017. Companies that deal with financial intermediation (78 per cent), transport, warehousing and communication (72 per cent) and industry (72 per cent) perceive their best condition.

Optimistically, entrepreneurs also look at the economic situation in Poland. The economic growth in the nearest half-year is forecast by 34%. respondents – this percentage increased by 4 pp. compared to the study from the end of 2017, it is also the highest result for 4 years.