Nepalese and Hindus interested in working in Poland.

The demand for production positions is so high that Polish agencies have decided to reach for people from India and Nepal. Increasing the number of visa applications resulted in a congestion at the Polish consulate in Delhi – informs the Association of Employment Agencies.

Heads of employment agencies agree that the best source of employees from behind our eastern border, Ukraine, in recent years is beginning to run out. The Ukrainians who came to us in the second wave, which started about two years ago, have completely different priorities than those from the first, from about 10 years ago.

More and more of them look at Poland only as a stopover on the way to the West, and the expectations of those who are already working here are growing so fast that it is not profitable to hire them for many jobs.

What’s more, the demand for hands to work in Polish factories is so great today that it can not be satisfied, even reaching for the willing from the other five countries, which are subject to a simplified procedure of access to the labor market: Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Russia .

Last year, companies started looking for people among more distant countries, including India and Nepal. They turned out to be great employees mainly for production and logistics companies.

The joy of agencies and employers was short. The rapid increase in orders for employees almost immediately caused a congestion at the Polish embassy in Delhi, where citizens from both countries submit visa applications. The candidates were stuck in the visa queue.

The Consular Department of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ensures that Consuls of the Republic of Poland in India act in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the European Parliament. As SAZ informs, the ministry is, however, planning to hire external companies and launch points in several large cities in India to assist in serving clients.