Owners of Polish companies – what are they investing in now?

Time for such a long-awaited break in stagnation in investments? This conclusion is prompted by the results of the second edition of the Deutsche Bank report, indicating a significant increase in the readiness of Polish companies to expand, including foreign. There is only one “but”: the alarmingly low tendency of smaller companies to invest in innovation.

Strong, confident of their advantages and determined to grow – such an image of Polish enterprises emerges from the next edition of the report “Polish companies – condition, prospects, investments and their financing”, prepared by Deutsche Bank Polska.

The surveyed entrepreneurs and managers no longer treat the variability of the environment as a barrier, but as an opportunity. The manifestation of this resistance is much greater than readiness for expansion in the previous edition of the study. A year ago only 4 percent. companies operating on a national scale thought about leaving the European markets; currently, every third entity has such plans and aspirations. The tendency to geographic expansion of local and regional companies is also much higher. – This trend is also marked by a significantly greater interest in the diversification of exports. Almost every third exporter is considering entering Asia, a year ago – only 10 percent. this group. The companies are also trying to achieve a much stronger presence in Africa and the Americas.

Expansions require investments – and the surveyed companies are ready for them. According to the survey, the impulse breaking the investment months of months should come from enterprises that are successfully developing on foreign markets. Investments in the nearest half-year are planned by 87 percent. companies operating on the European scale and 63 percent companies present on global markets. Expenses of medium and large enterprises (investment plans are about 60% of them) should have a positive impact on the expenditures of smaller entities. Currently, only every third small and every fifth local company think about investments.

The optimistic overtone of the report breaks one “but” – a crisis of faith in the sense of investing in research and development. A year ago, this area was at the forefront of investment goals; currently closes the priority list. Expenses on R & D consider less than 14 percent. companies planning investments (a year ago 21 percent), including only 9 percent small (a drop from 19%). The result “save” large companies: here the percentage of indications for investments in R & D increased from 26 per cent. up to 50 percent – The Polish economy needs leverage of innovation, which is why the deepening of the innovation gap between the largest and smaller companies that have a dominant impact on Poland’s GDP is worrying.