Poland with over 8 billion PLN in foreign trade. GUS data for the third quarter.

After three quarters of 2017, Poland had over PLN 8 billion in surplus foreign trade, the GUS informed. In the same period a surplus amounted to PLN 13.05 billion.

The Central Statistical Office announced on Friday that in the period January – September 2017, exports at current prices amounted to PLN 640 646.3 million and imports amounted to PLN 632 621.6 million. “Positive balance amounted to PLN 8,024.7 million, while in the previous year it amounted to PLN 13,050.4 million. As compared to the same period last year, exports increased by 8.1% and imports by 9.2%.

After the third quarter of this year Poland recorded a surplus in foreign trade of PLN 8 billion 24.7 million. In the same period in 2016 it was PLN 13 billion 50.4 million.

After nine months of 2017, exports to all countries from the top ten of our partners have increased, with imports from Russia, the United States, China, the Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany and Italy. The decline in imports was noted in the exchange with Great Britain.

According to the Central Statistical Office (GUS), negative balances were recorded with developing countries – minus PLN 107 billion 661.2 million (minus USD 27 billion 623.9 million, minus EUR 25 billion 143.8 million) and Central and Eastern European countries – minus 12 Billion 836.5 million (minus 3 billion 244.8 million dollars, minus 2 billion 981.9 million euros). Positive balance was achieved in trading with developed countries – amounted to 128 billion 522.4 million PLN (32 billion 909.5 million dollars, 29 billion 986.3 million euros), including with the EU countries the balance reached 131 billion 548.2 million PLN 33 billion 695.8 million, EUR 30 billion 697.7 million).