Poland & Iran – trade exchange dynamic improvement.

Following the abolition of sanctions imposed on Iran, Polish export to that country increased fivefold, and import from Iran to Poland increased sixfold, but the potential is much bigger.

Iran is a country that after years of sanctions needs technology, consumer goods, industrial goods and Poland has a chance to become one of their suppliers. Poland brings very high quality agricultural products from Iran, such as papayas, pistachios and petrochemical products.

The market potential is very large. This five-fold increase in relationships, it’s just the bottom. We still really have a lot to reach. Both countries will earn many times more.

The Ministry of Development in the Strategy for Responsible Development has recognized Iran as one of the forward markets for the Polish economy. The resort, reported that Polish exports to Iran totaled $ 49.8 million in 2015 and $ 32.7 million in Iranian imports.

Poland has signed an agreement with Iran on economic cooperation, avoidance of double taxation, mutual support and protection of investment.

At the moment, they are negotiating several sectoral agreements, agreements between economic ministers, economic cooperation agreements, tourism cooperation agreements, cooperation in research and development. So these are the areas that are certainly worth a political umbrella. However, the current cooperation does not require many agreements. At this stage the treaty base is filled and allows for a relatively safe investment.

Iran was abolished, among others. Sanctions related to shipping, precious metals and others, and – partly – software. The embargo on arms, nuclear and rocket technologies remains in force.

Industries that may be significant from a Polish point of view recognize Iran’s agri-food processing, renewable energy, shipbuilding and transport sectors. It is the industries where Poland can offer Iran much without risking “geopolitical collisions.”

The Iranian market is already present, among others. Polish Oil and Gas Mining. It was also noted that 2/3 of Polish imports from Iran today is crude oil, which can be converted in Polish refineries. – We are dealing with a regional economic giant in terms of potential.

On July 14, 2015, six powers – USA, Russia, China, France, United Kingdom and Germany – reached an agreement with Iran to curtail its nuclear program. The agreement provides that Iran will give up its pursuit of nuclear weapons in exchange for gradual abolition of the sanctions imposed on it. The sanctions began to be abolished in January 2016. However, the arms embargo on conventional weapons delivery for five years and the ban on the export of nuclear-capable nuclear missiles to the country.