Poland is seeking another foreign investment.

Poland can gain a new large investor. The Umicore company from Belgium is seriously interested in producing the most important component of batteries for electric vehicles in Poland. After the decision to create component factories for such vehicles in China and Korea, Umicore decided to locate a new investment in Europe.

The factory in Nysa would be the first production plant of this type in Europe. The installation is to be based on the latest production technologies developed to meet the highest standards of performance and quality in the automotive industry. The first phase of this investment was included in the EUR 660 million program announced by the company earlier this year. Deliveries are to start at the end of 2020.

Considering the placement of its factory in Nysa, Umicore draws attention to the good location near European customers of the company and access to qualified technical staff, as well as low-emission electricity supply. The company declares that thanks to investment in the factory, approximately 400 new jobs will be created. In the case of a decision on the location in Nysa, the city will receive a strong impulse to develop its individual resources and unique potential, which is in line with the government’s policy of sustainable economic development.

Umicore laboratories have developed unique engineering solutions in the production of electrodes, which are a key component of batteries used in electric vehicles. Thanks to the Umicore technology, the batteries can store more energy and allow more range for the electric car.

It is another example of foreign investments in Poland. Entrepreneurs from other countries more and more often appreciate the advantages of running a business in Polish cities.

Much lower costs of running a company in Poland, eg limited liability companies compared to EU countries and a staff of qualified, ambitious employees are just some of the many advantages of opening a business in poland.