Poland is tempting serious investors. The government counts on new workplaces.

The proposals of the Polish government are a signal for the β€œbig business” to invest in Poland. The whole Poland as a one big special economic zone? It is possible – it all depends on how β€œbig global business” is perceiving these proposals and how much others will have financial, economic, or perhaps geopolitical troubles.

According to economists Poland is very attractive for foreign investors. We have many assets to attract investments, even the biggest ones in the world. We are a stable and peaceful country. The β€œbig business” is aware that Poland has well qualified staff and hard working people, is competitive in price, although wages slowly begin to grow.

Foreign capital will create new workplaces for Poles, and it will be connected with improving the living conditions of Polish citizens as well as higher tax revenues.

More and more foreign investors from the European Union and third countries decide to open new companies or branches of their companies in Poland. They are investing in various sectors of the economy, employing Polish workers and locating their money in Polish real estate.

The Ministry of Development intends to extend investment incentives to the whole Poland instead of only in areas covered by special economic zones. This will increase the value of investment outlays in the perspective of 2027 to PLN 117.2 billion. It has been added that by 2027 it is expected to generate a total of 158.3 thousand workplaces.

Tax preferences will depend on three basic and clear issues: the location of the investment, the nature of the investment, and the quality of the created job offers.