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Offshoringย generally means cross-border outsourcing and is the result of searching for the most attractive locations to order services.

Outsourcing involves the transfer of processes and services to external contractors or to the separation of part of the business from the company.ย In the case of offshoring, the company transfers specific processes or parts thereof to subsidiaries, often with part of employees and assets of the enterprise.ย Such an arrangement facilitates flexible response to the needs of an enterprise and enables the organization to become self-reliant by employee redemption or acquisition by another entity and getting new clients.ย Globalization and the concentration in the creation of enterprise values favor the dynamic development of enterprise defragmentation and relocation to new locations.ย The great success of outsourcing is evidenced by new ways of extending, ever-increasing range of services and increasingly distant services.ย The benefits of a new business location should be used.ย The process of cross-border outsourcing is referred to as offshoring.ย 

Looking for new locations to gain competitive advantage has become very profitable.ย Poland is one of the countries offering many opportunities to improve the efficiency of its business activities.ย Offshoring can also be used as an opportunity of running a business in privileged jurisdictions or so-called tax havens.ย It is a good idea to make the most of the price and quality of your resources, which in practice means lower operating costs and higher returns.ย 

ย The transfer or delivery of services to the neighboring countries of the contracting country was deemed to be nearshoring.ย The popularization of this process has shown very high attractiveness of investment in Poland.ย Read more about Offshoring of Services to Poland

An important aspect is also the offshoring of banking services – including bank accounts and merchant accounts. In this case yourย account could be credited all over the world. This system provides automatic access to all bank cards and allows to offer different payment options and create a directory in any currency of your choice.ย 

LexPoland Business Consulting offers preparation of analyzes, plans and comprehensive support during the implementation of offshore processes in Poland.ย We analyze each case individually, so we are able to find the most appropriate and cost effective solutions.ย 

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