The role of mobile banking is growing.

Three-quarters of Poles using mobile banking can not imagine life without it. Every quarter, several hundred thousand new users of banking applications are arriving.

Poles like mobile banking. Over half of the respondents claim that in the future this will be their main way of contact with the bank. The convenience, security of mobile applications and the universality of smartphones with internet access contribute to this. Using the phone, consumers usually make transfers, check their account balance or transaction history and pay for purchases.

The report “Bank.Jest.Mobi 2016”, prepared by the interactive agency Mobee Dick and TNS Polska, shows that 74 percent. Poles who use mobile banking can not imagine life without it, and more than half say that in the future it will be their main channel of contact with the bank.Β I

In Poland, the number of mobile banking users is growing exponentially. According to data prepared by PRNews, in the first quarter of 2017 the number of users who log in to the bank from a mobile device, amounted to approx. 8.2 million – that is by 545 thousand. more than in the fourth quarter of 2016. In the “ING International Survey – Mobile Banking 2016” survey, 43 percent of them admit to using mobile banking. Poles.

Last year, the number of smartphones sold in Poland exceeded 8 million. IDC estimates that this year it will be 8.5 million. The cyclical report “Digital in 2017: Global Overview”, prepared by the agencies We Are Social and Hootsuite, shows that the mobile phone is used by 74%. Poles.

The research shows that biometric authentication methods are considered safe 83 percent. consumers. They are trusted by both millenials and people aged 45-54. Three quarters of consumers (74%) consider fingerprint scanning as the safest form of authentication.

The digital revolution and the universality of smartphones have resulted in the development of mobile banking. Today, it is growing much faster than it used to be online banking. Every quarter, several hundred thousand new mobile banking clients are coming to Poland. The smartphones we carry in our pocket are our command center, which also includes banking.