Start-ups in Poland are beginning to make money.

The Polish startup sector can not yet match the Californian prototype, but is slowly maturing, professionalizing and starting to make money.

Running a start-up is a risky undertaking – it is based on testing new technologies and business models. However, it is bound to hope for rapid growth and global success. This vision also tempts the Poles. The start-up Poland Foundation, representing national young technological entrepreneurship, has once again tested who is challenging us to build a Skype or Facebook-based company and knocking on the door of Silicon Valley investors.

The average Polish start-up, however, differs from the California picture known, for example, from the popular HBO series “Silicon Valley”. He does not wear flip flops, is in his thirties, has a higher education and already has a luggage of professional experience from a private company or corporation – we read “Polish Startups Report 2017”, which premieres today at the Krynica Economic Forum. The meeting was attended by 621 companies.

In Poland, the startup environment is concentrated mainly around five agglomerations – the most intensively developed in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan and Tri-City.

Innovative businesses are usually set up by people who have previously run a business, helped with family businesses, or worked in corporations. Start-up immediately after the college founded 15 percent of respondents.

Model start-up creates big date analytics software and sells it to other, mostly small businesses. He also likes to work on the development of internet systems. This can result, among others, with easy access to educated developers and engineers, as the experts report.